10 for $10
You're staying late with clients and just need your dog let out and/or fed. Each dog gets 10-15 minutes with their Pack Leader and tons of kisses! 


Home Stay
Going away for vacation? Have your sweet pooch stay at our house, where they become a member of the family or request a Pack Leader to stay at your house! We also offer multiple visits in one day.

Walk and Run
Give your pup the exercise it needs with hour-long walks and occasional visits to the dog park! Great for active dogs and those that need socialization or training.


Puppy Play
Your newest member can be a handful, but not with Tails and Trails! Pack Leaders will visit your house twice in one day to ensure your puppy learns basic obedience and leash etiquette.

​30 for $20
Perfect for pups who take casual strolls, indulge in smells, and like a belly rub or two. Give your fur friend the walk they deserve with 30 minutes of fun with their Pack Leader! 

Insured and Bonded through PSA