Pet Services

$10 for 10

10-15 minutes 


Quick walk, let out and/or feed for when you're too busy to come home! (Spaces limited per neighborhood)





Walk and Run

1+ hour per day


A full hour walk either solo or with a friend!  Optional park visits included. Best for dogs who could use exercise and friends.




30 for $20

30 minutes 


A casual stroll in the sunshine, with dog friends or without! Best for pups who could use their legs stretched and belly scratched. 



Puppy Play

(Puppies and older dogs)


Two 30 minute walks with leash etiquette and basic obedience training with special attention to your dog's needs! Work with your Pack Leader on best puppy practices.



Home Stay

24 hours/overnight


Let your dog stay in the comfort of your own home and we'll provide the love and exercise they need!


Optional boarding at our homes, or multiple visits in one day to your house. 



We offer nutritional advice to keep your dog happy and healthy

2+ Dog households (Excepting $10 for 10): Add $10 per dog per day
Weekend walks (Excepting Home Stay): Add $5 to any service offered
10+ minutes outside of downtown St. Petersburg: Add $5 to any service
Holiday rate (4th of July weekend, Thanksgiving weekend, Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and New Years Day): Add $20 to any service
Ask us about our military and service discounts! 

Insured and Bonded through PSA